A VIP Membership with advanced technique tranings, exclusive content, guest speakers, private Q+A's and more! 


Do you want in on my private VIP group? 

How do you get in? 

This VIP Group is for 'graduates' of The Complete Guide to Beauty only!  

'The Complete Guide to Beauty' is a foundational course to teach the basics of beauty. It breaks down the complicated beauty industry so you understand it, you know what products work for you, and you can easily manage your beauty routine without stress or overwhelm.

What will happen in the group?

  • Advanced Technique Trainings
  • Private Q+A sessions 
  • Guest Speakers 
  • Exclusive Content
  • A community of women all seeing better self care routines + knowlege 

The Mac House INSIDERS group will give us the opportunity to dive in deeper and answer all your questions about beauty that The Complete Guide to Beauty doesn't cover. A space where you can learn more but still not be overwhelmed with incredible guest speakers sharing their expertise, we will be able to learn more about self care.

INSIDER Topics + Trainings 

  • Foundation Class
  • Simple Holiday Hairstyles
  • Makeup for Family Photos
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Pregnancy + Postpartum Style
  • Dressing for your Body Type 
  • How to fit yourself for a bra  

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What's in The Complete Guide to Beauty? 

  • Specific Product Recommendations for all makeup categories
  • Product Application Videos for each Category PLUS Pro Tips + Tricks
  • How to Color Match + Select Foundation like a pro
  • Corrections to Common Mistakes
  • Eyebrow Shaping 101
  • How to choose and care for your Makeup Brushes
  • Foundation Brush Comparison
  • Beauty Blender 101
  • How to saturate and clean your Beauty Blender
  • Product Application Order
  • BONUS Hair section with product recommendations
  • BONUS Hair Video for how to curl your hair
  • and more! 

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Dont miss your opportunity to get the course and get into the INSIDERS before the doors close!